Monday, November 24, 2014
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Choice-Wireless 2014 VI Tennis Tournament

Choice Wireless VI Open Tennis Tournament

February 14-17, 2014

Welcome to another year of Choice Wireless VI Open Tennis at the St. Thomas Yacht Club, our 8th year.

We have made a few changes to this year's tournament. Please see below. The tournament dates are February 14-17, 2014.

The deadline for the sign up is January 24 at 5pm.

Players should be prepared to start play at 7 am on Friday morning. Please be available to play through the end of February 17th in case of rain delays.

This years events include:

  • Men's open single ($2,000 W, $1,000 RU, $350 semi) – Consolation Round
  • Men's open doubles ($2,000 W, $1,000 RU, $400 semi - split)
  • Men's B singles 4.5 and under ($600 W, $300 RU, $60 semi)
  • Men's B singles 3.5 and under ($75 W, $35 RU)
  • Men's B doubles 8.0 combined ($600 W, $300 RU - split, $60 semi)
  • Mixed B doubles 8.0 combined ($600 W, $300 RU - split, $60 semi)
  • Women's B singles 4.5 and under ($600 W, $300 RU, $60 semi)
  • Women's B singles 3.5 and under ($75 W, $35 RU)
  • Women's B doubles 8.0 combined ($600 W, $300 RU - split, $60 semi)
  • Men's doubles 60+ yrs ($600 W, $300 RU - split, $60 semi)- Consolation Round

* Semi payout only if more than 12 players/teams sign up for each event.
*Each draw will close at 16 players. Players limited to two events (only one singles event) OPEN: NTrP rating of 5.0 and above, “B”: Doubles combined may have a maximum combined rating of 8.0 with the better player no higher than 4.5. if you do not have a ranking please contact the Tournament Committee prior to signing up with a partner in order to avoid potential disqualification. If less than 10 Entries in any event, Winners & Runner-Up will receive 50% of prize money. If less than 8 entries in singles, tournament committee reserves right to combine events which case there will be no monetary prizes in the 3.5 and under. The tournament committee reserves the right to eliminate and/or reduce monetary prizes in any category prior to start of play as well as place players, cancel events and amend schedule.

2014 Choice-Wireless VI Open Tennis Tournament Registration Form

For more information please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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